Deep Cleaning for the Holidays

The holiday season is here already and so is all the love and decoration that comes with it. A common mistake most homeowners make is they tend to slap on their decorations on a fairly clean home and this leaves them with more work at the end of the celebrations.

Chances are that you would have friends and family coming over to your home and deep cleaning for the holidays before putting up decorations would leave you with less stuff to clean. If you are going to have a party or have friends over, here are some tips for deep cleaning for the holidays.

Before Putting Up Decorations

Get the floors: A good mopping or vacuuming of the floors within your home ensures that all the corners, including those behind the Christmas tree, are clear and clean. Not to mention that with lots of people coming into your home, chances are that you would have lots of feet making their way around the house. And that’s even more reason for you to re-clean between holidays.

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Dust the surfaces: Using a damp cloth to dust dirty makes the rooms feel fresher before the festive period and when the celebrations are over, you can always skip the dusting because you already did it earlier.

Swipe the Ceilings: Don’t like spiders? Spiders always find their way into our homes and swiping your ceilings with the brush head of a vacuum or a feather duster will clear away the cobwebs before the holidays. And with more people looking up at your twinkle lights and tree toppers, now’s the best time to clean.

Windows: While you are cleaning the ceilings, keep in mind that you probably clean your windows last during spring cleaning and it’s about time to give your windows another do-over. Not to mention that the effects of those twinkling lights are multiplied in a clean window. The only time grimy windows are permissible would be during Halloween. For now, clean them up nicely.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

You don’t want guests looking into your kitchen and puking in their mouths at the thought of having eaten anything that came from that kitchen. In fact, a core part of your deep cleaning this holiday should be freshening up your kitchen by cleaning the stovetop, oven, cabinets, counters, floors, and sink. Starting the holiday cooking with a freshly cleaned kitchen makes baking and cooking more enjoyable than working atop a mess.

Closets: Keeping your closets clean and purging unnecessary items is always a good thing to do. And since it’s the end of the year, it seems like the perfect thing to do right?

Plus, with guests coming to your house, you would be making room for your guests to put their things. Not to mention you also free up space in the closets for the wardrobe-related gifts you would receive.

Even though you do not have the time to do the deed yourself, you can easily contact Viola Cleaning and you would find that deep cleaning for the holidays enhances the celebratory season!