What is the Best Cleaner to Get Rid of Coronavirus?

The coronavirus has brought new attention to how we clean our homes. This is because there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Plus, how the products are used dictates how effective they will be in destroying viruses, germs, and bacteria. This means to find the best cleaner to get rid of coronavirus, you are going to have to read the instructions.

Admittedly, it does not help when the instructions of different cleaners and disinfectants are confusing and counterintuitive to the ways you have been cleaning before. This is particularly true when some products recommend that you spray and leave them on the surface for up to 10 minutes before wiping it away. In addition, some disinfectants do not work so well unless the surface has been cleaned first.

So, if you are going to purchase the right cleaning product that kills the coronavirus, you will have to do a little research first.

How Disinfectants Work

While generally cleaning products can be sprayed on and wiped away quickly, disinfectants take time to work. The longer they stay on the surface, the more effective they are in destroying the viruses, germs, and bacteria that is present. The best way to know how long is to read the instructions for each product and not assume that one works just like the rest.

This is true even for products that come from the same company. It may sound strange, but you’ll find cleaning products from the same company that have different ingredients that must remain in place for different amounts of time for them to work.

Also, for a product to claim to be a disinfectant, it must pass a testing process as conducted by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. Such tests will have the bacteria or viruses on the surface and after the products is sprayed will be timed to see how fast it kills the organisms. Such tests are difficult because they use a higher number of viruses and bacteria than typically found in hospitals.

Disinfectants vs. Sanitizers

In addition, you need to know the difference is terms between disinfectant and sanitizer. They may seem the same, but they are not. A disinfectant will destroy viruses and bacteria that is listed on the label. A sanitizer will reduce the number of bacteria but does not do the same for viruses.

Keep in mind that cleaning products do not go through such rigorous tests. This is because their only requirement besides using safe ingredients is to create a surface free of dirt, debris, and stains. It is not designed to clean away the bacteria, germs, or viruses.

Read the Label

The best cleaner to get rid of coronavirus must be used properly and frequently to ensure that it works. This means that you will need to read the label of each cleaning product to see how it works. You may find that some disinfectants take one, four, or up to ten minutes before you can wipe them away. You will need to be diligent in finding the right product that works for your needs.

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