Ways to Fight Coronavirus Transmission at Home

The more that is learned about the coronavirus, the better it can be contained and controlled in the home. For those who are vulnerable such as the elderly, obese, or having a medical condition, the prevention of the coronavirus is paramount. The good news is that there are ways to fight coronavirus transmission at home that are simple, safe, and effective.

Everything starts with understanding how the coronavirus or COVID-19 works. Once you have gained the proper knowledge, then you can slow, if not stop the transmission process in your home effectively.


The coronavirus spreads much in the same manner as other viruses, germs, and bacteria. Both through direct contact with those who are infected along with contacting the surfaces that infected people have touched.

Because a large majority of those who are infected with the coronavirus show little to no symptoms of having the condition, it pays to social distances from everyone by at least six feet. Plus, not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands. Wearing a mask is also recommended.

Cleaning the Home

If someone in your home has the coronavirus, then you can limit the potential of catching it yourself by doing the following:

  • Clean all surfaces that are frequently touched
  • Use soap and water to remove dirt, debris, and grime that can harbor the virus
  • Disinfect all areas that are frequently touched

Keep in mind that there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. You should clean areas such as toilets, sinks, faucets, countertops, desks, tables, light switches, doorknobs, and chairs. Remember to wear a mask and put on gloves to minimize personal contact. Once you clean the areas, you can then use a disinfectant to kill whatever remains of the virus.


There are several products that are known to kill viruses such as COVID-19. You should look for products with the following ingredients:

  • Ethanol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Quaternary Ammonium

Such ingredients should be listed on the products themselves before you make your purchase. In most cases, you should spray or apply such products after the surfaces have been cleaned. And let them sit for a while for maximum effect. Keep in mind that when using such products, you’ll want to increase the air flow in the room.

Another product that works quite well is bleach. Bleach is quite strong, but also quite cheap. Mixing four teaspoons of bleach per quart of water will create a strong disinfectant. Just be sure to wear gloves and a mask while turning up the air flow in any room in which you use the mixture.

Disinfecting wipes that contain at least 70% alcohol is one of the most effective ways to fight coronavirus transmission in the home. You can use them on phones, laptops, tablets, or other devices that get frequently handled. A combination of good cleaning products starting with soap and water and following them with disinfectants can destroy most, if not all the coronavirus in your home.

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