Coronavirus Prevention: What is Deep Cleaning?

Proper coronavirus prevention starts with understanding the conditions in which the virus can be transmitted from one person to another. Plus, it means that your home may be a haven for virus to live on for an extended time without deep cleaning.

However, there are some simple methods and inexpensive products that will help you disinfect your home. What follows is a straightforward plan to make your home as clean as possible with the least amount of effort needed.

Focus on Contact Points

The areas you should concentrate on first when you clean are the places that get the most amount of contact from you and others who live in the home. That means focusing on the following:

  • Doorknobs, locks, and handles
  • Light switches, stair rails, refrigerator handles, and knobs on stoves
  • Faucets, toilet handles, and countertops
  • Phones, tables, and remote controls

By cleaning these areas, you address the majority of the places where the virus may be present.

Proper Methods of Cleaning

It takes more than simply spraying a disinfectant on a doorknob, you will need to know how to clean it properly if you want to kill the most amount of the virus along with germs and bacteria:

  • Start with a household cleaner. Mist the area and wipe with a microfiber cloth
  • Apply disinfectant and let it sit for the recommended time
  • Wipe away disinfectant and remove all residue

For cleaning floors, you can use a mixture of cleaning solution and a little bleach which will destroy most germs, bacteria, and viruses. One cup of bleach per five gallons of water is recommended for cleaning floors. Just be careful not to use bleach on hardwood. Use the appropriate products in that event.

Remember to apply the solution and let it sit for at least a minute. This will allow the bleach to destroy the germs, bacteria, and whatever virus may be present. After 60 seconds have passed, wipe the floor clean to remove any residue.

Other Tips

Frequent washing of the hands is always recommended. Whether you use soap and water, or a proper hand sanitizer is up to you. In addition, you can do the little things to keep surfaces clean throughout the day which will help reduce the amount of germs in the home.

One simple method to reduce the spread of any unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, or the dirt and debris that may carry them into your home is have everyone take their shoes off at the door. This will help minimize the spread of the virus. Just remember that most of the germs are still carried by the hands and from sneezing and the like.

Employing the proper coronavirus prevention methods will help reduce the chances of catching the virus for you and your family. By employing good practices of deep cleaning, social distancing, and preventing the spread of germs, you can make your home safer from the coronavirus along with many other viruses, germs, and bacteria.

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