Tips for Spring Cleaning during Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 will be remembered for its disruption of normal life. It may even have long-term impacts on how people conduct themselves to avoid such pandemics in the future. However, one aspect of normal life that the virus should not stop is the annual spring cleaning. Proper spring cleaning during coronavirus is not only healthy for you and your family, but will reduce the chances of all viruses, germs, and bacteria from becoming a health threat.

Spring cleaning offers you the chance to do more than catch up on your napping or streaming of programs. It is a healthy activity that pays benefits not only to your mental state, but your physical one as well. The proper cleaning is deep enough to get rid of mold spores and dust mites that may harbor illnesses that might affect those living inside your home. What follows are a few tips to improve your spring cleaning efforts.

Dust & Vacuum

Getting started means dusting and vacuuming your home thoroughly. You can start with one room and move to the next. Or you can dust all rooms and then vacuum all rooms, your choice. Just be sure to dust all surfaces first, then vacuum to pick up what drops on the floor.

Clean & Disinfect

There is a difference between wiping dirt and grime off surfaces and actually destroying the germs, viruses, and bacteria that they might contain. The good news is that you do not need expensive disinfectants as simple soap and water will do the job. This is because soap breaks down the cell walls of viruses and destroys them.

In addition to soap, once you have cleaned the surfaces, you can further disinfect them by adding 1/3rd cup of bleach to each gallon of water. You can spray the combination on surfaces, let it sit for a minute, then wipe away.

Cleaning Products

You may have noticed empty shelves at the local store that were once filled with disinfectants. You can still find the proper cleaning products available such as the following:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleach
  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 70%) or rubbing alcohol
  • Lysol toilet bowl cleaners

Bleach may be the most effective on non-porous surfaces, but if you want to avoid the odor and chemicals found in bleach, then hydrogen peroxide is a good alternative.

Deep Clean, Scour, and Clean Windows

You may want to clean your carpets if they have not been addressed in a long while. Scour the grime from tile, and finally get to those windows.

Clean Used Surfaces Frequently

After you clean your home, be sure to address frequently touched areas such as the following:

  • Light switches, doorknobs, and faucets
  • Toilets, electronics, and countertops

Do this if someone in your home is sick. If no one in your home is sick or has travelled outside the home, then you do not have to clean as frequently.

By engaging in proper spring cleaning during coronavirus, you can lower the chances of getting sick by reducing the dangers present to your health. Remember to open the windows when the weather warms up and bring in the fresh air to help reduce the chances of getting sick as well.

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