What to Expect from a Maid Service?

If you have decided that cleaning up your home is a task beyond your capabilities, it is time to hire a housekeeping or maid service. But do you know what to expect from a maid service? The answer may surprise you if you not fully familiar with the tasks that they promise to do. While they will clean up most areas, there are certain cleaning functions that they either may not do or need to be paid extra.

Keep in mind that a housekeeper is not the same as a home cleaning service. While they are mostly similar, the most important difference is that a maid service completes a list of smaller tasks each week. While a home cleaning service does several larger tasks at once.

A standard maid service will charge $35 to $80 per hour. Compared to a standard house cleaning service which can charge on average $35 to $95 per hour, you can save money by hiring a maid. What follows are the typical services you can expect when hiring a maid service to help clean your home:

  • Light General Cleaning
  • Bathrooms: Including toilets, showers, baths, and mirrors
  • Kitchen: Including counters, cabinet doors, appliances, and sinks
  • Dishes: Washing & Drying
  • Clothing: Cleaning, Folding, and Ironing
  • Beds: Changing bed linens and cleaning the beds

These are the general cleaning services you expect from a maid service. They can also do the following depending on the company:

  • Taking Out the Garbage
  • Restocking Items: Toilet paper, tissues, and the like
  • Removing Clutter from Rooms

Not all maid services will include these features, so if you need them be sure to check the list of what they do. What follows are more extensive services that some housekeeping companies may offer:

  • Wash, dry and fold laundry
  • Iron laundry
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean and reorganize kitchen cabinets

Normally, maid services will keep track of their own cleaning supplies, but this is for the home. Running errands and preparing meals are more associated with senior care services or those who have disabilities or other issues that prevent them from carrying out such tasks themselves.

These are specialized tasks for specific individuals or companies to perform. This means that a maid service deals more with the day to day care of the home and nothing else. The tasks mentioned here should be performed by a company that specifically deals with such issues.

Understanding what to expect from a maid service will help you in deciding which individual or company is the best for your needs. Remember to go over their qualifications, the services they provide, and the rates to ensure you get what you want from them.

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