Back to School Cleaning Tips

While many people are familiar with spring cleaning, there is also back to school cleaning which usually occurs when your kids leave for fall classes, but it is still warm outside. When you consider that more kids are staying inside during the hot summer weather, having classes start in the fall offers a great opportunity to clean up your residence.

What follows are some practical back to school cleaning tips that are quite helpful in getting your home into proper shape before the cooler weather arrives.

Get Rid of the Clutter

It’s amazing just how fast any home can become cluttered with items that are no longer needed. You should get rid of all items that no longer have a use in the home. Plus, find deep storage areas for items that are occasionally used, such as Christmas decorations. Have your kids participate by storing toys they no longer play with, which will create more space for everyone.

Create a List for Your Kids

Chores may seem a little old-fashioned to some, but having your kids keep their rooms clean means creating good habits for them and less work for you to do. Create a list where your child must clean their room once a week to prevent clutter from building up. To help motivate your kids, try a reward system that provides benefits for keeping their rooms clean. It also helps if you set times of the week when your kids should be cleaning, breaking the tasks up to something more manageable for them to accomplish.


Your kitchen will need regular cleaning to look and smell fresh. You can start with the countertops and floors, but it is the sink and appliances that can build-up odors if not cleaned regularly. Use a natural citrus-based cleaning agent to use in the sink and on the appliances. The citrus acid will cut through the dirt and debris while also removing odors.

Floor Cleaning

While vacuuming helps keep the buildup of dirt, dust, and debris to a minimum, you should have your carpets and upholstery cleaned during this time of the year. That’s because the warm summer days exposes your home to more dirt due to kids entering and leaving, along with pollen and other issues. Have your carpets steam cleaned every few years and vacuum frequently to keep the potential mess under control.

Remove Shoes

Arguably the easiest way to keep the interior of your home clean is by having your family remove their shoes at the door. Each member of your family can wear slippers that stay inside while guests can clean their shoes at the doormats to the entrances of your residence. By doing that, you make cleaning your home a lot easier.
With a little planning, you can make back to school cleaning easy. By doing a little each day, you can keep the cleaning time to a minimum and have your kids participate as well. Plus, it makes it considerably easier to clean your home with a few preventative measures.

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