Post-Construction Cleaning

For developers and builders, one of the most important aspects of maintaining your reputation in the business is cleaning up after a project is completed. When you consider the impression made by a finished project that is clean and ready to be moved in is so important to how your business is viewed in the community, you’ll understand why the proper post-construction cleaning is vital.

Instead of trying to do the work yourself with a crew whose primary skills are in construction, it pays to hire the right post-construction cleaning service to ensure that the job is completed in a thorough manner.

What is Needed in Proper Post-Construction Cleaning?

A good cleaning is more than simply sweeping the floors and picking up any debris, there are certain aspects that you want covered in this process:

  • Removing stickers, decals, and markers used during construction
  • Cleaning walls, floors, windows, and any appliances present
  • Specializes in removing dirt and debris from construction jobs

Most construction site are pretty messy after the project has been completed and usually for good reason. While exercising some cleaning efforts to maintain the safety of the site is important, it’s far different than the prep needed after the project is completed for the client to move in. By identifying and addressing what needs to be cleaned, you can find the right company to do the job.

This means that you should not use an ordinary cleaning company, but one that specializes in cleaning after a construction or remodeling effort. While there are some similarities, the requirements to properly clean an area after construction tend to be more involved compared to a simple home or office cleaning.


There are considerable advantages to hiring a cleaning company that specializes in post-construction work.

Affordable: Compared to using your own crew, the cost should be considerably less. This means that you can have your technicians focus on the construction job at hand and then once it is completed, hire another team of professionals to clean the area at a lower cost.

Thorough: A reputable post-construction cleaning company will not only have the personnel, they will also have the tools, equipment, and cleaning supplies needed to do a thorough job. This means that what they can do goes far beyond what you may have available with your crew. Once the construction is finished, they can bring their specialized tools and equipment to thoroughly clean the area.

OSHA Compliant: This means hiring a company that understands the requirements as per OSHA. This means that you are covered in terms of completing a project that must meet proper cleaning standards. By hiring a company that provides the best in cleaning, you can comply with OSHA standards and exceed the expectations of the client.

The right post-construction cleaning service will not only prepare the building, residence, or project to be moved in, it will help boost the reputation of your company. The better your reputation, the more job opportunities there will be. This is why hiring the right cleaning services is so important to your bottom line.

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