Nontoxic and Natural House Cleaning

For homeowners who want to keep their homes clean while simultaneously protecting the environment, nontoxic and natural house cleaning is an excellent solution. Compared to traditional chemical cleaners and house cleaning methods, nontoxic cleansers and natural house cleaning is better for the environment in every way, including the manufacturing and disposal of the products and their containers. The National Products Association (NPA) governs whether or not a specific product is “nontoxic” and follows very strict criteria in doing so. When determining whether nontoxic and natural house cleaning is a good option for you, it can be helpful to know some information about it.

Benefits of Nontoxic House Cleaning

Using nontoxic and natural cleaning products is a good idea because you do not subject yourself, your home, or your family or pets to the chemicals often found in manufactured and synthetic cleaning products, which can cause respiratory issues and physical damage to surfaces if used improperly. You can also use nontoxic house cleaners on many materials. Since the NPA mandates that all nontoxic cleaning products must contain at least 95 percent natural ingredients, allergies to any of the products certified as such are extremely rare. In addition, if you accidentally spill some nontoxic cleaning product in your home, there is usually no cause for concern, as you can just wipe it up without damage or danger.

Details of Natural House Cleaning

Natural house cleaning does not always mean using nontoxic products; it can also refer to methods of cleaning using natural products, such as vinegar. This method of cleaning relies on chemical reactions to clean your home and primarily uses household items to keep the cost down. Unfortunately, natural cleaning methods generally require more physical work to clean as well as any other typical or nontoxic cleaner; however, the money you save by doing so is well worth it. Conversely, natural cleaning products typically cost more than typical cleaners do, but are better for the environment and can be just as effective as traditional chemical cleaners.

Nontoxic and natural house cleaning is ideal for homeowners who consider the environmental effects of their cleaning habits. Traditional cleaners can be dangerous to the environment and may result in noxious fumes that can cause respiratory issues, whereas nontoxic and natural house cleaning products are safe for use around children and pets and you can use them on almost any surface.

Viola Cleaning uses Shaklee which is a nontoxic and natural cleaning choice that is SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN and SMART. Because when it comes to keeping your house clean and the earth safe, you shouldn’t have to choose.

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