House Pressure Washing in Seattle Area

As the months of June, July and August approach in the Puget Sound, many homeowners think about improvements such as exterior painting and house pressure washing in Seattle area. These three months happen to feature the least amount of rainfall in the Emerald City, which is why they present ideal conditions for carrying out house pressure washing in Seattle area.

Many homeowners do not realize that pressure washing can greatly improve the curb appeal of their properties; this is something that can help substantially when listing a home for sale. Power or pressure washing also provides other benefits to homeowners, including:

Prolonging the Life of the Roof

In a damp and rainy region such as the Puget Sound, roofing structures are exposed to constant rain, drizzle and heavy concentrations of dew. As time goes by, Seattle roofs tend to accumulate dirt, grime, mold, and even eukaryotic organisms similar to algae. This accumulation of dirt and organic growth can lead to rotting of the wooden roof structure and insulation; one of the best ways to prevent this situation is to schedule house pressure washing in Seattle area every other year.

Keeping Exteriors Clean

The best method for washing exterior walls is to adjust the water pressure at the nozzle and compressor levels on a softer setting that does not scrape off paint. With the right setting of the power washer, the dirt and grime can be safely removed to improve the look of the existing coat of paint. When it comes to preparing outside walls, siding and fascia for painting, a good pressure washing takes off flakes that are falling off and leaves the surface ready for fresh coats of primer and paint.

Refreshing Sidewalks and Driveways

The same contaminants that affect roofs and exterior walls can accumulate on driveways and sidewalks; however, they tend to feature more adhesive power due to the additional pressure exerted by feet, tires, precipitation, and even gravity. Mildew and algae can be thoroughly removed with one power washing session, but this is not a permanent solution because these are organic contaminants that will likely grow back in a couple of years. There is an additional trick that can be applied after pressure washing sidewalks and driveways, and it consists of a brightener substance similar to a sealant for concrete and paver blocks. Some real estate agents swear by this trick, which is also ideal for special occasions such as when homeowners host dinner parties during the holidays.

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