Cleaning Challenge for the New Year

A new year brings many new resolutions of which some may not get completed as you desire. However, one resolution that everyone should keep is cleaning up their home. Cleaning up not only makes the home safer, but also more presentable to family, friends, and other visitors. To help motivate you to start, it’s best if you create a cleaning challenge for the new year.

The first step is walking through your home and seeing what needs to be done. Create a checklist of everything that needs to be addressed, so you have a better idea of what needs to be accomplished. Next, set a date when you will be finished with cleaning up the home. Make sure the date is far enough away, so you can get everything done. But close enough so you can stay motivated to keep cleaning.

Remove the Clutter

The easiest way to start your cleaning challenge is by removing the clutter from your home. do not worry about wiping, vacuuming, or other cleaning, just get all the clutter out first. You can start by throwing away all items that are trash. Once that is completed, the next step is going room by room to collect all the clutter that is not trash. You can sell or donate what you do not want to clear out your home.

Add Storage

For the items you want to keep, you will need a place to keep them. Start small by adding a few shelves or storage units from your local retail store or online. Keep things simple at first by addressing high traffic areas. After that, you can go after the kids’ rooms and other areas of the home. Begin with identifying the items that need to be stored and building or purchasing the storage units that you need.


You will need to choose a “floor day”, so you can sweep, vacuum, and clean your floors. You can hire a professional company to do floor and carpet cleaning or you can do it yourself. Either way, taking care of the floors will have you feeling better about your home.

Address Unfinished Projects

If you have created projects to do around the home, such as adding new smoke or carbon monoxide detectors for example, then this is the time to do it. Again, start small and work your way up to fulfilling the different projects that want to complete.

Final Inspection

You have removed the clutter, cleaned the floors, and have completed a few unfinished projects around the home. Now you need to take one more look to see if anything else needs to be cleaned. Some may be obvious, others not so. But a final inspection will let you know what needs to be addressed.

By creating a cleaning challenge for the new year, you can provide yourself specific tasks that will help you reach your goal in less time. The key is to focus on one area at a time that is achievable and then expand to new areas until the home is clean. After that, you can spend less time in maintaining the cleanliness of your residence and more time fulfilling the rest of your new year’s resolutions.

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