The Basics of Cleaning Your Home

Hiring Viola Cleaning services to clean your home gives you the full benefits of hiring one of the finest residential cleaning services in the Seattle area. Because we are professionals at what we do, we do not just show up at your doorstep with a mop bucket and some chemicals, we show up with something the average homeowner and perhaps very many cleaning services may not have – a blueprint to cleaning your home just right!

It is a basic part of that blueprint that we have put together in a rather concise form in this five-step blog post to teach our readers the basics of cleaning their home.

We know you’re very excited to get started but you might want to consider turning on some music. It’s a secret “recipe” for better cleaning – also the mop stick is a good makeshift microphone.

Now that you have your stage set, it is time to start working your cleaning magic.

Pick up the clutter first, they look like they are a lot – with DVDs, toys, magazines and all that stuff scattered everywhere. But once you get them out of the way, everything else soon gets into perspective.

Now, turn off your ceiling fans because you don’t want all that dusting and sweeping going from one end to another!

Ready, set, closet!

Start with your closets: Organize your closet and minimize where necessary. If you have clothes hanging in places around your home, organizing your closet is one way to get that clutter out of the way.

Dust: Microfiber cloths are the best when it comes to dusting parts of your home. These significantly lower the allergens within your home and by extension, improve the quality of air in your home. Tying dampened cloths to the ends of brooms and mops is also a good way to remove cobwebs. If you have slatted blinds, close them one way and dust and then close them the other way and dust again. Remember to clean the tops of your doors, the fans, lightings, picture frames and more. Use a glass cleaner on your microfiber cloth to clean the surface of TV screens, the face of framed photos, and computer monitors as well. This helps to avoid streaking.

Vacuum: Before you start vacuuming, ensure that your compartment is not full already. Make sure that you have your settings and attachments right and then you can get started! Vacuum the entire floors and upholstered furniture in the whole house. The vacuuming stage is what we like to call the “great reveal” – this is when you would find all the missing items you’ve been looking for all year long!

Sweep then mop: After vacuuming your home, it is time to sweep and mop the floors. Start at the farthest corner of each room then mop back to the entrance. Rinse your mop occasionally, so you don’t end up recycling instead of eradicating bacteria.

Furniture freshening: Give your furniture a good waxing – especially if it is wood!

Congratulations! You just learned the basics of cleaning your home. Now when it comes to deep cleaning your home, you have to do more than just these basic steps. Viola Cleaning is one call away from helping you with your cleaning needs – whether you need help with your spring cleaning or you would love to explore a custom cleaning schedule that meets your needs, contact us today and you are guaranteed the best cleaning service at an affordable cost.

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