Window Cleaning Services for Your Business

Clean windows are without a tinge of doubt an important aspect of overall home or office maintenance, but how often do we do it? In truth, not as much as should be done! And this is because for the most parts not very many people like to clean their windows. Chances are that you clean your windows a few times a year – probably ceremoniously, like during fall or spring when the storm screens and windows are being swapped. But that’s just not enough. Ideally, windows are meant to be washed once or twice each month, depending on your environment.

Why is Window Cleaning Important?

There are a plethora of reasons you should keep your windows clean. Beyond the aesthetic aspect that a clean window offers your home or office, you do not want the source of lighting and warmth into your home or office to be tainted by dust and dark lines of dirt. The hygienic demerits of a dirty window are also another reason why window cleaning is important for your business or home.

For people who do not have the time to clean their windows as judiciously as is necessary, there are two options you have available to you:

• Buy a self-cleaning window
• Hire window cleaning services

Self-Cleaning Windows

A self-cleaning window is designed using hydrophilic glass. Essentially, this type of glass is dirt repellent and windows made from these glasses are perfect for most climates but are also not as cost-effective for some other climates. For example, these self-cleaning windows cost about 20 percent more than regular windows and even rely on heavy-to-moderate rain to be able to self-clean. This makes this solution climate-specific for uses that experience rainfall once or twice monthly.

A better alternative would be to hire a window cleaning services.

Window Cleaning Services

Arranging for a window cleaning service to keep your business or home window panes clean is a convenient way to forget about having to clean your windows. With top-notch yet cost-effective services such as is offered by Viola Cleaning, you can designate the number of times you want your office or home windows cleaned and a group of the finest professionals would be ready to have it sorted out!

And the best part is, this service does not drill a hole in your pocket! All you have to do is schedule a timeline with Viola Cleaning and you never have to worry about dirty windows or the health hazards that come with them! Not sure why you should hire window cleaning services like Viola Cleaning? Well here are 3 good reasons to hire a window cleaning service:

1. Saves time

Cleaning the windows at your business or home can be quite the time-consuming project. Hiring a professional window cleaning service like Viola Cleaning means this chore that might probably take you five hours, can be finished in less than half the time.

2. Spots problems

Hiring the service of a professional window cleaner can help you identify problems such as sashes that may have been painted shut, window screens that are ill-fitting, windowsills affected by wood-rot, or even non-functional windows. A window cleaning service can help to spot these problems early and may not only save you a lot of money in future but could also ultimately save your life. “How does hiring a window cleaning service save my life?” you ask?

Minor defects such as clogged channels and painted sashes could be the difference between escaping a fire outbreak at your business place or having to look for an alternative room because a window would not open in such a stressful situation. A window cleaning service professional would spot this and rectify it!

3. Removes insect infestations

We have all seen bees and or hornets build their nests behind window shutters, not to mention that wasps can also build paper nests in-between 3-piece storm windows. All these can make the windows difficult to operate – and don’t forget the potential of getting stung by any of these insects.

Ready for a cleaning service with a difference? Then choose Viola Cleaning Service.

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