Arranging for Weekly Cleaning

For residents and business owners who want to maintain a clean home, scheduling a weekly cleaning can make all the difference. Not only will you get professional assistance in the proper maintenance of your home, office, or facility, you can have the work done by others so you can get more accomplished in your day.

What follows are a few tips to help you schedule a cleaning once per week. There are several benefits to having this type of work performed whether you run a business or sitting at home.

Choose the Right Company

While there are individuals who run their own cleaning services, you will want to check them out thoroughly beforehand. A professional company offers the advantage of having additional cleaners available to maintain a weekly service. Plus, there are other advantages as well when you insist on the following standards;

  • All cleaners or companies must be properly licensed
  • All maids or cleaners are bonded
  • All workers are covered by workman’s comp

Never use anyone or any company that is not properly licensed, bonded, or covered by workman’s compensation insurance. This means that if anything happens in your home, you are covered for the loss and protected from lawsuits because of injuries that might have occurred when they are on your property.

Get Free Estimate

Many companies will have standard or packaged rates that you will know of in advance. However, if you have any special requirements, they will need to know that before offering you a free estimate. You can invite representatives to your home or office, have them look over what you want to accomplish, and offer a free estimate for their services.

If you accept the estimate, then there should be a contract which reflects what has been stated. For weekly cleanings, getting such an estimate is a must.

Use the Same Person

In most cases, the company will send the same person to clean your home. This is generally no issue if the company is a one-person operation, but you should insist that the same person does the work. There will obviously be times when that person is on vacation or under the weather, so you may want to have another person come by with them from time to time, so you get to know them as well.

Again, this may not always be possible, but for the most part you should have the same person take care of your home. This makes communications and expectations easier for both you and the cleaner.

Finally, ask for a report of what areas of your home or business have been addressed. You should list them as part of the services for the estimate that you received. It will help set a baseline, so you can check on their work and ensure that everything is being done as expected.

Scheduling a weekly cleaning offers real benefits in terms of maintaining the value of your home, reducing the number of germs, bacteria, and allergens present in the air, and simply making you feel good about living or working inside.

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