A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

A clean home is a healthy home, and everyone wants their home to be both clean and healthy. Accomplishing that goal is not as easy these days as it was in the past because a high percentage of wives and mothers work out of the home to bring in that needed second income. With cooking, laundry, shopping and parenting added to the responsibilities of work, house cleaning sometimes is not the top priority. Hiring a competent and dependable home cleaning service is often the best answer to this dilemma.

While hiring a professional home cleaning service is an attractive option for busy homeowners, it is also important to find one that is not only competent, but also dependable and trustworthy. Most home cleaning services perform their services while the parents and children are away during the day, so it is essential the workers can be trusted. Viola Cleaning not only trains their workers to perform their work to the highest level of satisfaction expected by the client, but they must also pass a background check before beginning their training as a Viola Cleaning employee.

Home cleaning service clients want to know the specific areas of their home they have contracted cleaning services for will be competently cleaned to feel fresh when the cleaning team has finished the job. Clients typically set the cleaning schedule they prefer when the contract is signed with some people needing weekly cleaning, but most find a bi-weekly or even a monthly schedule is sufficient. These schedules can be changed when needed with some people needing more or less help depending on the season.

One of the most important advantages of hiring a home cleaning service is the type of equipment and cleaning products available to them. Heavy duty industrial equipment and powerful cleaning products result in a much deeper clean than the average homeowner is able to achieve. Expertly trained workers are able to use the equipment and products properly to ensure the environment of the home is completely safe for humans and pets, and Viola Cleaning uses only safe and non-toxic cleaning formulas.

Homeowners in the Seattle, Washington area who want and need a cleaner home with no worries can feel confident they will be satisfied when they contact Viola Cleaning. Their clean home is only a phone call away when Viola Cleaning sends one of their experts to evaluate their cleaning needs and offer professional advice.

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